About us

Design / Sustainability

•  Sustainable Playland Vision Plan: NY  (AIA Public Honoree Award)
•  First Corinthian Baptist Church:  NY
•  Galveston Laboratory Preservation Plan:  TX
•  Galveston Laboratory HVAC Systems Study:  TX  
•  Maui Marine Sanctuary Facilities Study: HI          
•  Scituate Marine Sanctuary Facilities Study: MA
•  St. George Sealing Plant Reuse Study: AK

Value Management

•  IVI International Consultant: NY
•  World Trade Center Value Planning Workshops: NY                 
•  WTC Vehicle Security Center VE Study: NY 

Expert Witness Consulting

•  Denver Condominium Exteriors: CO  
•  PS 24 Exteriors: NY
•  Central Park South Co-op / Residence:  NY
•  Riker's Island Roofing Issue:  NY

If Design Constructs could make these historic Fort Crockett buildings energy efficient - now NOAA's Galveston Laboratory - imagine what we could do for your buildings.  Design Constructs can make the difference – based on our understanding of‘both sides of the table’ – the consulting side and the building owner’s side.  We are committed to nothing short of the transformation of your buildings - whether existing or new construction!


Contact us @ DMcKean@DesignConstructs.com                                   646-879-2429

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